ETAAC Recommends IRS Funding, MeF Enhancements

One of the Internal Revenue Service’s main advisory committees is asking Congress to give the agency the funding it needs to function well. The recommendations, split into two categories, come from the Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee, or ETAAC, in its annual report to Congress.

The first category, recommendations to Congress, seeks to provide the Internal Revenue Service with flexible, sustainable, and predictable multi-year funding—a change that would give the agency more stability than its current annual funding model. The recommendations also seek to provide the IRS with budgetary and legislative support that allows the IRS to capitalize on its successes to deliver a level of service that taxpayers expect and deserve.

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The second category, recommendations to the IRS, addresses topics like the following:

  • Implement enhancements to Modernized e-File that remove impediments to e-filing, with appropriate security features, taxpayer consent and acknowledgements.
  • Promote the use of identity protection PIN through a national, year-long campaign, leveraging stakeholders including the tax and financial services industries, to highlight the benefits of the program.
  • Work collaboratively with states and software providers to develop a long-term roadmap for Payroll and Information Return Modernization.

For the full 2022 ETAAC report, visit the IRS website.

What else does ETAAC do?

Members of ETAAC also work closely with their counterparts on the Security Summit. Where the Security Summit is made up of tax practitioners, state tax agency representatives and national tax industry leaders, ETAAC is comprised of individual and business taxpayers, tax professionals, tax industry software developers, payroll service providers and representatives from the financial industry and state and local governments.

Source: Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee issues annual report to Congress

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